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Lost in Transistion Routines Semi-Circle Assembly Assembly under the Sun Certain Things

My painting practice is rooted in the landscape tradition and has grown out of my ongoing interest in city spaces, objects and signs.

Walking and driving through the city of Cape Town, I sketch and take notes. These I then rework into abstract collages in the studio.
Each of my paintings is a conversation between the marks. A balancing and unbalancing of the composition. A re-evaluation and adventure into the undecided and unknown. Mistakes play a significant role in my work and I wish to share this process of rethinking with the viewer.

I attempt in my paintings to represent a point of connection between things that exist purely to perform a function and their unintended and often evocative nature. I take part in a sort of free association game, collaging fragments from both the urban landscape and my internal landscape as markers to punctuate the canvas field.

Upcoming exhibitions:
  • 11 OCTOBER 2018
    Funny Things Are Everywhere
    AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town
    +27 21 424 7436
  • 5 - 26 JULY 2018
    Worldart Gallery, 54 Church Street, Cape Town
    +27 21 4233075

Work currently on display:
  • Infinart, Wynberg, Cape Town 021 761 2816 www.infinart.co.za
  • Kalk Bay Modern, Kalk Bay 021 7886571
  • Everard Read Gallery, 3 Portswood Rd, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 021 418 4527

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